Steven A. Eisenberg FSA

Consulting Actuary with 50 Years of Experience in the Insurance and Benefits Industry

Steven A Eisenberg FSA

Consulting Actuary with 50 Years of Experience in the Insurance and Benefits Industry

Actuarial Consulting, COLI & BOLI expert and Expert Witness / Insurance COI Management, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation Support, and Mortality and Longevity Mitigation using Capital Market

Increase your profits while reducing risks with the help of Steven Eisenberg. Steven is a consulting actuary with 50 years of experience in the insurance and benefits industry. He was managing partner for life insurance consulting in the national actuarial firm – Milliman, Inc, and was a founding member of Mann, Conroy, Eisenberg & Associates, an advisory firm specializing in risk and capital management solutions for the financial services industry. For 20 years, he has owned his firm, Steven A Eisenberg FSA, MAAA LLC, to provide actuarial and insurance consulting services. After graduating from Wharton, he started his career as a senior executive officer and chief actuary of several life insurance companies.

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Steven has a successful background in insurance and pension benefits and as expert witness and litigation support, including life insurance (COI charges), personal injury and wrongful death. He is highly experienced in designing both bank owned and corporate owned life insurance (BOLI and COLI) programs and products. In addition to being an executive and chief actuary with several life insurance companies, he also spent years managing a large life insurance consulting practice and has a strong understanding of market needs for all aspects of insurance and management consulting.

Insurance Specialist - BOLI & COLI

Steven provides actuarial consulting services for insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, non financial companies, and brokers and consultants. He is nationally known for his expertise in designing, evaluating, pricing and administering all aspects of Corporate Owned Life Insurance (“COLI”) and Bank Owned Life Insurance (“BOLI”).

Expert Witness / Litigation Support

Steven provides litigation support as an expert witness and consultant. He is able to provide expert advice and testify in cases related to all types of life insurance issues, including COI charges, COLI, BOLI, broker compensation and administration; Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and medical malpractice economic damages – Life expectancy, Discount rates, and future income and expenses; regarding pension funding and benefits.

Mortality and Longevity Mitigation

Steven is a co-inventor of several patents dealing with mortality and longevity swaps and other capital market financial instruments. He consults with defined benefit pension plans regarding their longevity issues and insurance companies on both their mortality and longevity mitigation issues relating to life insurance and annuities.

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