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Actuarial Services: Expert Witness / Litigation Support; Life Insurance, BOLI, COLI and Financial Service Consulting

In addition to insurance contracts, products and pricing, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and life expectancy expert witness and litigation support. Steven Eisenberg offers design, consulting, and management services for the financial services industry. He specializes in designing, developing and evaluating all forms of life insurance and bank-owned (BOLI) and corporate-owned (COLI) life insurance programs for insurance companies, banks and other corporations. Contact him in Atlanta, Georgia, for details.

Business People, Corporate-Owned Life Insurance in Roswell, GA

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Steven provides expert witness and litigation support in areas such as BOLI & COLI, compensation, policyholder, broker and consultant, third party administrator, other life insurance issues and personal injury and wrongful death cases and malpractice.

Giving You a Competitive Edge

Steven is a consulting actuary and insurance specialist that is dedicated to assisting life insurance companies and financial institutions that want to increase their capital and improve their position in the corporate marketplace.

Improved Insurance Programs (BOLI & COLI)

Steven is well known nationally for his expertise in designing, developing and evaluating bank-owned (BOLI) and corporate-owned (COLI) life insurance products for the US and foreign markets, giving you the advantage you need to surpass your competition.

Steven's number one priority is first the product must be marketable, then it must provide adequate profits to the carrier and adequate compensation to the marketer for both sales and ongoing servicing. Steven is also an expert in all aspects of product development/financial analysis, life insurance company management and actuarial consulting.

Longevity Management

Steven, also, provides consulting for risk reduction for longevity and mortality exposure, ensuring that your company or benefits program is prepared for any situation.

Call Steven A. Eisenberg at (404) 307-9861 today to tell him about expert witness and litigation support, the type of bank-owned or corporate-owned life insurance, longevity and mortality mitigation.